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Post by 1ruleyou on Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:50 pm


When posting in this forum you must follow the following rules:-

  • You MUST have more then 5 posts to advertise your forum.
  • You may bump your topic every 48 hours... This means that if you post and no one replies to your post meaning that the latest post in that thread is yours then you must wait 48 hours from your latest post to post again in that topic. This prevents people spamming to bad!
  • Please use the structure below when posting.

[b]Site Name[/b]
[b]Site URL[/b]
[b]Your Name on the Board[/b]


If your forum gets hacked or cracked we do not take responsibility for it. Also if you get spammed and you believe it was from here it is not our fault.

-Thanks 1ruleyou.

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