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Post by 1ruleyou on Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:47 am

For all you people out there who would like to try your hand at using "better" software, but can't afford to, or are too cheap to pay for it. Here you are, an all encompassing list of free, readily downloadable software that would be beneficial to all of you aspiring graphic artists out there.

I know for a fact that I don't have every program out there listed here. So if you know of any others, feel free to tell me and I'll be sure to add them list.

Except for two specified applications, 'all' of these programs are trial versions that expire in 30 days, or so. If you want to use them after that, you'll have to either uninstall/redownload them, or set back the clock on your computer. (of course, you could always go out and 'buy' them if you actually like them!) Also, some of the sites require you to register on their databases to be able to download the files. Don't worry, they just want an email address to spam up. That's all.

-Paint programs-

Corel Paintshop Pro Trial
The trial of the legendary PSP. It's like a dictator. Powerful and 'very' mean. It takes a bit (actually, a lot) of getting used to, but it can do pretty much anything you want.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Trial
It's Photoshop. What more can be said? It's slightly more versatile than PSP, but almost twice as disagreeable. You'll find yourself wanting to kill yourself when you first start using it. But the results it makes really do look great.

The one and only program in this entire thread that is NOT a trial. It's an actual freeware open source program. A nice little addition to anyone's collection of software.

Macromedia Fireworks Trial
Of all the programs you can download, this is my favorite. It's much more user friendly than all the others, and can do most of the spiffy looking things you want. If you'd like to do more than you can with MSPaint, but don't want to spend days learning a paint program, try this one.

-Gif Animators-

AniMagic GIF Animator Trial
The full version of Animagic comes with the full version of Photoshop, I believe. I never actually used this program, so I wouldn't know. I hear it's good, though. A lot of people use it.

CoffeeCup GIF Animator Trial
Haven't used this one, either. Heard it's nice and user friendly. And who can say no to such a snazzy name?

AMI GIF Construction Set Professional Trial
It's a trial version, yes... but there's a catch. The trial never actually expires. This is the gif animator I use to make Kurobei. I highly recommend it. It has never steered me wrong. It's the only graphics program other than Paint that I use on a regular basis. If you ever need 'any' help with it, I'll be able to help you.

Ulead GIF Animator Trial
Another popular one. I just downloaded it and played around with it. It seems nice and simple enough.

The only freeware gif animator. Free to download, and never expires. That alone might make it worth using.

-Flash Animators-

Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Trial
A nice flash program. Simple enough to learn with a little effort, and produces great results. It's the best you'll get for free.

3D Flash Animator
This one has something interesting 3D object and text effects but I'm completely baffled at how to make an animation with it. It might take some effort to learn. You're probably best off creating the animation itself in another program, and just using this one for the effects.

As far as I can tell, this one looks pretty good. Simple and fairly user friendly. It's worth trying out.

-Thanks 1ruleyou.

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